Low or No Cost Marketing Ideas for New Virtual Assistants

Marketing with little or no budget can be tough.

I get a lot of inquiries from new and aspiring Virtual Assistants asking about how they can get VA work, or if I know of any companies that will hire them and just give them VA work. My question for them is what are they doing to market themselves and their business? This is a new game for many of those that are new to the industry. Many have never run a business before and marketing doesn’t come easy to them.

Now, I know that many Virtual Assistants just starting out have little to no budget for marketing their services to start with. I sure didn’t.  So I brainstormed some of the things I did when I first started, and other free/low-cost tactics that have worked well for other successful VAs. So here is the list I compiled to get you going.

1. Join your local Chamber of Commerce – Joining your local chamber very affordable depending on where you are located. And you can get in on in-person networking events, get listed in their directories, plus many other benefits.
2. Network with your target market - By either online social networking, or in person events, network directly with the people you want to work with. Want to serve Realtors, blog actively on Active Rain, or join the local real estate board as an affiliate. Go where your target market is!

3. Network with those in your industry – Actively participate in some of the great Virtual Assistant boards and networking groups, and get yourself known in the industry. My favorites are VA Forums and VA Networking.

4. Business cards – Business cards are one of the cheapest marketing tools available. Print lots of them and leave them everywhere you go. Leave them at your gym, stores, doctor’s offices, dry cleaners, restaurants, etc.

5. Write Press Releases -Submit press releases locally or online to let everyone know you are in business, plus any news and announcements. Look for any opportunity to release some great buzz about your business.

6. Write Articles - Got a topic related to your that you are an absolute expert on? Write  about it! Write and submit articles to many of the available article submission sites. Write about what you know to help show you’re an expert in your field.

7. Word of Mouth – Make sure every friend and family member knows about your business and what you do. They are bound to have connections that need your help, and referral business is the best kind.

8. Offer a Discount or Special Deal – Create and print a coupon that offers a discount of 1 or 2 free hours to new clients. Leave along with your business cards at the business you wish to work with (careful not offer TOO much for free)

9. Volunteer in Your Community - Volunteer your administrative/marketing or other talents with local organizations you are passionate about. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills, and meet potential clients working side by side with you.
10. Online Social Networking - Many of the big social networking platforms are totally free. Get active and get known online.

11. Start a Blog - Just like submitting articles, starting a blog is a great way to get notice about you out into the world. Start a simple blog using one of the platforms are either free or cost little. (Blogger or WordPress are great choices) Write about what you know, demonstrate your expertise and write for your target market.

12. Online Classified Ads – Submit ads online to Craig’s List or other classified sites to promote your business (you can dress up your ads with html with a free account at www.vFlyer.com)

13. Ask Current Clients For Referrals or Testimonials
– Get testimonials from your past and present clients when you’ve done a job well done. Testimony of your abilities from the people that you have worked with carries a lot of weight with new prospects.

14. Tap Your Former Employers – Been laid off, or decided to leave the corporate world for greener pastures? Don’t discount your former employer for business opportunities. Your former employer might be a great resource for new clients and prospects. Someone there may need you, or they know someone who does.

Hopefully you find the above helpful in getting your new VA business going in the right direction. There really are  many little or no cost ways to drive new business your way.

Megan Barber is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, owner of Barber Virtual Assisting Solutions, LLC,  and runs blogs, The BVAS Connection and The Virtual Perception. Megan has been in a Virtual Assistant for 4+ years and has spent 10+ years doing the “behind-the-scenes” work in the real estate industry assisting agents with their real estate marketing and transaction needs.

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    great article and great information…here is one other tool for your clients…Vision Map Videos…they are great for all kinds of advertising and promotions….check them out…



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