Sunday, May 30, 2010

Consider Your Home Office Security

As Virtual Assistants, a majority of us run our businesses out of our home, be it from a designated office, or a designated corner of the living room (hey, whatever works, right?). One major thing that may not be first mind is just how secure our office is. Working from home may give us a false sense of security, that a small home office network would hardly be a target for internet hackers, criminals, etc. Well you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only is your network security a factor, but is you office equipment and important files safe from the kids and critters in your household? And what about the case of a natural disaster? Would your business be able to survive a hit like that to your home office?

Well this fabulous article, Seven Deadly Sins of Home Office Security, was brought to my attention by my husband and I wanted to share. The article is geared towards anyone that works from a home office, and I think it gives us VA “old-timers” a great reminder, but also is a great resource for new and emerging VAs who are just setting up their home offices. So just how secure, accident proof, fireproof, or otherwise if your office files, equipment and network?


One Response to “Consider Your Home Office Security”
  1. Jerri Goranson says:

    This site is awsome. Good tips and information. Thanks VA Mommy.

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