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Recently, Entrepreneur.com posted a fantastic article titled, “Should You Outsource Your Online Presence?“.  The article highlighted the value of outsourcing your social media marketing to Virtual Professionals.

Check out this quote from the beginning of the article..

“Between blogging, tweeting, Facebooking and updating a LinkedIn profile, it’s a wonder how a business owner has any time to answer e-mails and phone calls, much less run a company. But the time invested in social networking is well spent in this age where maintaining a social media presence can be a necessary piece of a successful marketing strategy.

Trouble is, as the number of platforms grows, so does the time it takes to feed and groom each account. Not to mention the front-end investment of setting everything up.

For those caught up in a social media blitz–and those contemplating taking the plunge–why not consider outsourcing? A virtual assistant can tackle those time-consuming tasks.”

Entrepreneur.com, July 7, 2009

With articles like these being posted, and the growing social medial landscape, Social Marketing VAs and Specialists are starting to be in high demand. It is fast becoming a popular and profitable niche among the VA community. Almost daily, VAClassroom.com is receiving new requests for Social Media VAs. In the last few days, they have received requests for as many as 10 Social Media VAs – amazing!

So now is a great time to consider taking the Social Marketing Specialist Program (if you haven’t already) at the VAClassroom.com. I am a soon-to-be grad myself, and could not speak more highly of the program.

VAClassroom is still running a $100 summer discount special for the training program for just a short time longer. Check out the link below and the coupon code to access this popular program today:


Coupon code: SUMMER09

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