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Tomorrow, I’m leaving on a jet plane and I couldn’t be more excited.

The past few days I have been preparing to to travel this week to Phoenix, for the IVAA’s 9th Annual Live VA Summit. I am super excited to get out of my office, drop off my little boy at grandma’s, jump on a plane, and descend upon Phoenix with 100 other Virtual Assistants to network and learn. It is giving me a chance to get out of the isolation of my own home office and to meet in person with other Virtual Assistants, many of which I have come to know and respect from my online social networks and VA forums. It’s an opportunity to be “Megan” instead of “Mommy” for a few days.

This brings me to the tremendous importance in-person networking for the Virtual Assistant. I’m talking about getting  out from behind your computer screen, and networking in person with other Virtual Assistants or small business owners. Working from your home office can feel somewhat isolating at times. You don’t have the regular in-person interaction with co-workers or customers and clients. I have my moments where I feel like I don’t have much social interaction with anyone beyond my11 month old son and my husband.

I really look forward to the times where I get to leave my home and go to one of the regular DVVAA luncheons to be in the company of other Virtual Assistants. We talk and at times, commiserate about the ups and the downs of our VA businesses, our awesome clients, and what is generally going on in our lives. I love getting together with this great group of people and it makes me feel less alone in my online business world. Not to mention, I have fun Getting out and networking is necessary for my own sanity.

I highly recommend that all Virtual Assistants get out and network, attend luncheons, chamber events, business conferences, whatever, and just get away from your computer. If you are a brand new Virtual Assistant, try looking to see if there is another VA that lives close to you and take them to lunch. Or perhaps there is a local VA networking group like mine (DVVAA) that has networking lunches or events. And last but not least, save room in your budget for attending one of the live VA conferences like IVVA’s Live Summit or VA Networking’s conference slated to happen in 2011.

And if you’re heading to Phoenix this week for #IVAA10, be sure to say hi and exchange cards.

**Contest Alert** I have a Rockstar Poken to give away to a lucky VA while I’m at the Summit in Phoenix. The first person to come up to me in person and say “I want to be a rockstar” gets the lovely rockstar Poken. What is a Poken, you ask? Check out my review of them at my other blog here.

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