My IVAA Live Summit Recap

I made it home late on Friday night after returning from Phoenix, AZ and one of the best IVAA Live Summits ever! I came to Phoenix with some ideas in my head, and came back with so much more and plans to really shake things up in my business. I had an amazing time with several of my VA friends including the DVVAAs, and met many more for the first time.

Just a few things I learned:

  • From our awesome keynote speaker, Marsha Petrie Sue,  When you run into issues and problems, you have 3 choices in life: Take it, Leave it, or Change it. So what’s your plan?
  • Speaker, Karen Gridley really made me reflect on if my thoughts, feelings and actions are really aligned. How am I getting in my own way?
  • Learned that I need to refine my processes, especially my lead follow up.
  • I need to screen new team members carefully, or “Hire slow and fire fast” according to Donna Toothaker.
  • That other VA Mommies of small children like me do not do it ALL. They get help now and then too.
  • Never realized how I don’t talk very much while working at my home office. I spent the end of every day at the Summit hoarse from gabbing so much with my VA colleagues. (Sorry if I talked your ear off!)
  • My friend, Dana Fortier is a total Rockstar.
  • Some VAs have really awesome clients that send them really awesome cake for Administrative Professionals day.

As you can see, I had a fabulous time at the Live Summit and I came back with a motivational fire under me to set some great new things in motion. I also came back with so many new friends in the VA world. I feel so lucky to have met them and look forward to “seeing” and getting to know them in and around the social networks and forums I frequent.

One thing that made my year is that the 2011 Live Summit will be held in Portland, Oregon. I’m not sure if anyone was more excited than me, since I am originally from that area. My family will be thrilled that I have another excuse to come out and visit.

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So have I convinced you yet?  Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business to take it to the next level? Then the 2011 Live Summit is one that you can not miss! And don’t use finances as an excuse, start saving! Starting now, put aside $25 per week in a “summit fund”. By the 1st of July you’ll have enough to cover your summit registration. By the 1st of November you’ll have enough saved to also buy your plane ticket. And by mid-January 2011 you should have enough to cover your hotel room too! So start saving, mark your calendars, and I will see you at next year’s Live Summit in Portland.

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  1. Tara says:

    Hi Megan — great post and nice kudos to the presenters — and thanks for your insights you shared at lunch on Wed when discussing VAC meetups — stay in touch!

  2. Sandi Silva says:

    Hi, Megan.

    Great post! It was fun talking with you at Dinner With Strangers. Looking forward to seeing you in Portland 2011!

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