Work At Home Moms, What Is Your Secret?

I’m writing this post as a call to all work-at-home moms out there. Especially moms of the under 2 set (or those who have been there). I want to know what your secret is. What is your secret to having a happy child, happy spouse, happy clients/customers, a clean house, and keep your sanity? What is your secret to keeping mommy guilt at bay when your time and attention seems to be so divided? What makes this work-at-home thing work for you?

I must be honest here. I am not having an easy time of it lately, trying to balance it all.  I started this WAH business to with the idea that I would be able to be home, take care of my kids and house, all while making a great income. This was all before I had a child. Now, I’ve been in business for 5 1/2 years. My business has taken off even more, and my 1 year old son is at an age where he gets into everything and needs lots of close supervision. I am finding it incredibly hard to keep it together, keep from stressing, and keep the mommy guilt at bay.

I am working at home to be with my son, I keep telling myself. But at times, I feel like my son is getting the short end of the stick. I always seem to be trying to get “just one more email” out. My mind is elsewhere thinking about client calls and projects that need to be done, while I am playing with my son. This is not what I envisioned.

I do have a Mother’s helper 2 days a week that helps out a little. But even with that, I feel under pressure to justify that whether or not the extra cost of child care makes up for the little bit of extra time I get to work.

So I want to hear from all work-at-home moms out there that have been there. Please leave me a comment and share your knowledge. What is your secret? How do you do it? I need to get all the tools I can. I need to know if I can still do this.

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About Megan Barber
Megan Barber is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, small business owner, entrepreneur, social media junkie, dreamer, crafter, wife and mommy to a sweet little boy.


  1. Ivette Muller says:

    To make it short and sweet – I feel your pain.

    I have a 14 month old and a 27 month old, both beautiful and healthy girls. I started my business two years ago after my first daughter was born, so I have been learning to juggle everything a long the way. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but there are a few things I have learned that might help:

    1. Don’t expect perfection from yourself. Working, taking care of the baby, keeping your house clean, etc. is not going to all get done all the time. I’ve had to learn to lower my expectations for myself. It’s near impossible to get everything done, unless I don’t want to sleep. My house is not sparking clean, but it’s picked up.

    2. Get out every once in a while and pamper yourself. It seems selfish, especially when you’re to do list is a mile long, but it helps. A lot…it will make you a better mommy, a better wife and a happier Megan.

    3. Since you had your business before your son was born, it has to have been a big adjustment to your workload with him. Maybe you’re simply working too much or have too many clients. It’s a catch 22 though because you probably need the money, but don’t have the time.

    What I did when I started is I determined the minimum amount of money I had to make each month and how many hours I could comfortably work. The problem occurs when I need to make more money because the only way I could do that was to work more hours – which isn’t an option. That’s why I personally also have my SOC business. But I know of others that create their own products to help make additional revenue.

    4. I basically work in the evenings. Not ideal, but at this point it’s the only way. The days are spent taking care of the girls, my husband comes home, we have dinner, then I go to work. I don’t get to see much of my hubby during the week, but I work hard to get everything done so we can enjoy the weekends together.

    5. It’s great that you have help 2 days a week. I’ve been trying to find someone to help me too so that I don’t have to work so many nights. But finding someone to come take care of my girls in my house hasn’t been easy. So right now I’m looking into enrolling them in a Montessori school.

    In the end though, I think it’s about compromising and doing the best that you can. Thankfully, my hubby is a big help, and takes care of the girls in the evenings so I can focus on work. Your support system is critical, but so is your happiness and sanity. So make sure to take care of you!!

    All the best,

  2. Kristy says:

    UGH! I can totally relate to your post. I have four kids and I try to make sure I am spending quality time with them. I take them to the museum, I take them to playdates. I also work around the house with them, I feel like working together in the family to maintain the home is such an important part of building relationships. They hate to do it, but once we are working together, they usually open up and start talking to me about stuff they might not otherwise ever think to talk about. I just want to make sure we are creating special memories together that will stick with them. They see me a lot on the computer working and I know that some times they like to hold that against me. But I truly feel like it is better than the alternative of putting them in day care to work an office job. It really is a juggling act.

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