What’s New in the VA Mommy World?

I know it has been quiet here at VA Mommy, but the world of this Virtual Assistant Mom has been far from quiet! So what is new over here?  Lots of things!

I guess the biggest news is that I am almost 6 months pregnant with Baby #2! Yeah, I’ve been holding that one in on some of you for awhile, but it’s probably a big reason that the VA Mommy blog has been a bit neglected lately. I have really been busy trying to prepare for this new baby’s arrival buy setting up my business to run by itself, retool my team, and really concentrate on putting my family first for the next several months. I thought having one baby was hard, do you think I have any clue what TWO kids will do to me?

Second, today is my Gmail Anniversary!! That’s right, 1 year ago today, I completely ditched MS Outlook and moved completely over to Gmail and haven’t looked back.  I go into my story and the pluses behind it over on my Real Estate Virtual Assistant blog. Check it out!

Last but not least, I am so excited to announce a new training program I am developing (together with some VA friends) the REVA Academy! Being so busy trying to support my real estate clients, I am in definite need for some REVA team members. But my colleagues and I came to the realization that there are just not enough Virtual Assistants out there with real estate experience. So REVA Academy was born! The REVA Academy training program will cover this hot and in-demand skill of Real Estate Support. In January 2012 we will begin a 5 week, high-content, live training program designed to teach Virtual Assistants all that they need to support Real estate professionals.

Mark your calendars for December 13th, when we are hosting a FREE  call on highlighting the reasons the real estate niche is in demand, and a few details on our training program and what we will be covering.  I hope you will join us, so sign up right here and find our more about us at our website, www.REVAAdacemy.com!

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