Mommy Biz Owners, It Does Get Easier

“It does get easier.” I remember hearing this phrase over and over again with my first baby when we were facing the typical newborn stages, feeding troubles, sleeping troubles, and all the things that make a new parent anxious. I had a hard time seeing the light at the end fo the tunnel, and if I heard, “It really does get easier” one more time, I was going to punch someone. But alas, the light appeared.

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago on this blog when I was asking other business owner moms of little ones, what was their secret. I was in a tough spot of trying to do everything myself- chasing an almost-toddler, juggling household chores, making sure dinner was on before 8pm, and oh yeah, running my business. I was determined to be super-woman and juggle it all. I was making myself crazy. I was stressed out to the max and wondering if I was meant to be a Mom and business owner at all. I learned that many women had come before me to do the same thing, and they survived. I would survive it too.

The trap that many of us moms get into, particularly mom business owners or work-at-home-moms, is the expectation that we have to do it all. But when I looked at other successful work-at-home-moms/mommy biz owners, I learned they simply don’t do it ALL. They got some help along the way, especially the mom’s of real little ones like mine.

I found ways to make things easier. As one great commenter said on my past blog post, I learned not to expect perfection of myself all of the time. I learned that I need to occasionally take care of myself and get some “me tine”. I also had learned some strategies for entertaining and occupying my little one and managing my work schedule. I also learned that I needed to seek SOME outside help in things. For a time I had an in-home “mother’s helper” when my first son was almost a year old. Then when he got old enough for preschool, we put him in there two days a week. It really did help me be able to have more uninterrupted work time, schedule appointments, etc. A little bit of childcare made a big difference.

Another key I learned was to set clear boundaries with clients and prospects about my availability so that it can coincide with my children/family schedules. I have certain days and times that I schedule all phone appointments and meetings to work around my uninterrupted work time and I stick to that. Though I am not available by phone all the time at a moment’s notice, my clients understand and accept it.

It really DOES get easier. Especially as your little ones grow older, get to preschool age, and can play more independently. When you are in the thick of it when they are babies it may not seem like it. But the other cliche thing people always tell you also rings true, “Enjoy them when they are this little, because they grow so fast.”

Now I am going through this a second time around with baby #2, I have more confidence this time, and do know from experience that as he get’s older, it really does get easier. Right now #2 (who is only 2.5 months old at this writing) is growing and changing so quickly it seems, I’m taking the time savor it. And with the strategies I learned the first time around, and a little babysitting help.

Megan Barber is a the VA Mommy. She is wife and mom of 2 little ones, and a busy Mom Business Owner. As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant, she is owner of Barber Virtual Assisting Solutions and also co-founder of the Real Estate VA training center, REVA Acacemy.

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