My name is Megan Barber. I am a business owner and entrepreneur, running my Real Estate Virtual Assistant business since January of 2005. And as of May 2009, I am a mommy.

The first 4.5 years of business were kid free and relatively easy to manage. Then I was blessed with the arrival of my son. Now my days as a mommy VA are filled with chasing around my little boy saying,”no-no, don’t climb up on that… hey, the garbage can is not a toy… please don’t put that in your mouth”… all the while sneaking in my VA work on my laptop and taking phone calls during naptime. It is a busy life, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The purpose of my VA Mommy blog is a place for me to share my tales as a mommy, and a VA business owner. Here at VA Mommy I will share my story and insight as a Virtual Assistant business owner and as a place where I’ll share tips, advice and insight into the Virtual Assistant business for new and emerging VAs. It’s also a great place for veteran VAs to gain a few tips and contribute.

Also, I have gathered many great resources on my resource pages, and will continually update it as I find great new resources to help out any Virtual Assistant business owner, Mommy or not. I hope you find the resources and thoughts I provide of value and will keep coming back for more. And I always welcome your questions and will answer them the best that I can here.

Here’s some pictures of the light of my life: