My IVAA Live Summit Recap


I made it home late on Friday night after returning from Phoenix, AZ and one of the best IVAA Live Summits ever! I came to Phoenix with some ideas in my head, and came back with so much more and plans to really shake things up in my business. I had an amazing time with… read more »

Get Out of Your Home Office!

Image by davipt via Flickr Tomorrow, I’m leaving on a jet plane and I couldn’t be more excited. The past few days I have been preparing to to travel this week to Phoenix, for the IVAA’s 9th Annual Live VA Summit. I am super excited to get out of my office, drop off my little… read more »

Consider Your Home Office Security

As Virtual Assistants, a majority of us run our businesses out of our home, be it from a designated office, or a designated corner of the living room (hey, whatever works, right?). One major thing that may not be first mind is just how secure our office is. Working from home may give us a… read more »

Small Town or Large City… Does it Make a Difference?

Recently, someone had commented in another network on this recent post, that provoked a few thoughts in my mind. They suggested that perhaps some of the in-person networking tactics were better suited to those in larger cities where they appear to be more willing to pay more for an independent contractor. Now, this is just… read more »

Q and A With Ruth Martin

Here at the Virtual Perception, it is my goal to provide great resources to new and aspiring Virtual Assistants, and answer common questions about getting started and how to be successful. Today I would like to welcome Ruth Martin of Maplewood Virtual Assistance, who was kind enough to answer our Q&A With An Experienced VA… read more »

So What is a VA Anyway?

This blog is intended for people exploring the Virtual Assistant world, new VAs and veteran VAs that want some tips, tricks and suggestions. When starting this blog, I accidentally left of a post about what an actual VA is. That is kind-of an important point, especially for those who are first exploring the idea. So… read more »

Virtual Assistant: Not a Hobby

In an earlier post, So How Do I Become a VA, I covered ways to become a Virtual Assistant since it is a question I get asked so often in my other networking sites I participate in. And while I mentioned 3 different ways, starting a business, working as a sub for other VAs, and working for a… read more »

Balance: Work, Home, Health, Life

I have a confession to make… Working from home has taken a bit of a toll on my health. When thinking of working from home, many think, “Oh, it’s easy” and “I can work all day in my pajamas if I wish”, or “My day is so flexible, I can do what I want, when… read more »

Work at Home Businesses: Discerning the Scams from the From the Real Thing

Google “work at home opportunities”, or any variation of that, and you will find pages and pages of sites claiming that their “proven” systems are the best work at home opportunities that will help you generate Thousands of dollars a week. And it’s FREE* and EASY!  First, if any one tells you that working at… read more »

Free Business Documents, Templates, Forms & Legal Documents

Every now and then I run across cool tools for my biz that I find so useful that I must share it.  Well today I would like to give some love to Recently in one of my networking groups, someoneone turned my attention to and when I went to visit, I saw what this site had to offer… read more »

Are Training and Certifications Required?

The second most frequent question I get asked by those thinking of becoming a Virtual Assistant: Are specific trainings or certifications required to become a VA?  Opinions from VA to VA may differ, but my answer to this is no. Formal training and certifications are not required for one to become a Virtual Assistant, but they… read more »

"So How do I Become a VA?"

“How can I become a Virtual Assistant?” This question has been asked of me about a dozen times a month recently and that is what really have prompted me to start this blog.  Through my various social networking sites, websites and forums that I like to frequent, I have received many inquiries in the past… read more »