I Always Know What’s For Dinner Now


The first question that pops out of Mr. VAMommy’s mouth when he comes home is, “What’s for dinner?” We really try not to eat out more than once or twice a month, and the Mr. doesn’t cook, so it was always on me to figure out what to fix for dinner. So that question used… read more »

Entrepreneur.com Promotes the Social Marketing Niche

Image via CrunchBase Recently, Entrepreneur.com posted a fantastic article titled, “Should You Outsource Your Online Presence?“.  The article highlighted the value of outsourcing your social media marketing to Virtual Professionals. Check out this quote from the beginning of the article.. “Between blogging, tweeting, Facebooking and updating a LinkedIn profile, it’s a wonder how a business… read more »

Consider Your Home Office Security

As Virtual Assistants, a majority of us run our businesses out of our home, be it from a designated office, or a designated corner of the living room (hey, whatever works, right?). One major thing that may not be first mind is just how secure our office is. Working from home may give us a… read more »

Low or No Cost Marketing Ideas for New Virtual Assistants

Marketing with little or no budget can be tough. I get a lot of inquiries from new and aspiring Virtual Assistants asking about how they can get VA work, or if I know of any companies that will hire them and just give them VA work. My question for them is what are they doing… read more »

Q and A With An Experienced VA

Q & A

This  is first in a series that I want to do of Q&A interviews with experienced Virtual Assistants. The aim is to give new and aspiring VAs insight into how they started their businesses, how they run their businesses and how it fits into their lives. This will be the first in hopefully a long… read more »

Great New Resource: VA Secrets Revealed!

Today, a brand new book for VAs was released from fellow VA Alyssa Gregory named, VA Secrets Revealed!. The book is an insiders guide to becoming a successful virtual assistant from one who knows. What’s covered in the book includes: Common mistakes VAs make Whether the VA Business is right for you Finding & keeping… read more »

Value of Online Social Networking

The importance of online social networking seems to be a subject I am preaching about a lot to my real estate clients. But it is also crucial to running a Virtual Assistant business. By virtue of being “Virtual” the life blood of our business comes from online sources. So we must reach out and market ourselves… read more »

Free Business Documents, Templates, Forms & Legal Documents

Every now and then I run across cool tools for my biz that I find so useful that I must share it.  Well today I would like to give some love to www.DocStoc.com. Recently in one of my networking groups, someoneone turned my attention to DocStoc.com and when I went to visit, I saw what this site had to offer… read more »