You Google, You Facebook, Do you Poken?

My favorite tech gadget of 2010 that I raved about in my other blog recently. Not only are they fabulous to use for business, they are great for Mommies too. And the kids love them (mine loves to put them in his mouth)

With Pokens you can easily share your contact information and your social network profiles. No need to write additional info on the back of a napkin or keep track of a stack of business cards. They are digital business cards, but so much more.

They make great giveaways, contest prizes, thank you gifts and more.

What to know where to get a Poken? Here are some fantastic vendors that sell Pokens here in the United States. You can even have your logo imprinted on them and get them in bulk quantities.



Poken Banner Leaderboard Do You Poken?

You Google.  You FaceBook.  Do You Poken?