Work At Home Moms, What Is Your Secret?


I’m writing this post as a call to all work-at-home moms out there. Especially moms of the under 2 set (or those who have been there). I want to know what your secret is. What is your secret to having a happy child, happy spouse, happy clients/customers, a clean house, and keep your sanity? What… read more »

Consider Your Home Office Security

As Virtual Assistants, a majority of us run our businesses out of our home, be it from a designated office, or a designated corner of the living room (hey, whatever works, right?). One major thing that may not be first mind is just how secure our office is. Working from home may give us a… read more »

Balance: Work, Home, Health, Life

I have a confession to make… Working from home has taken a bit of a toll on my health. When thinking of working from home, many think, “Oh, it’s easy” and “I can work all day in my pajamas if I wish”, or “My day is so flexible, I can do what I want, when… read more »